ALEXEI SOLODOVNICOV ------------------- Email: [email protected] TECHNICAL SKILLS SOFT SKILLS ---------------- ----------- * Java / Kotlin, JavaScript / TypeScript, SASS * Technical mentoring * WebServices, EJB, JPA, Servlets * Time management, self-motivation, work ethic * Sencha ExtJS (3.x - 7.x), Angular * Teamwork, communication, positivity * Jira, Git, Jenkins, Ant, Maven * Problem-solving skills, creative thinking * Agile development * Technical interviewing TIMELINE -------- (Nov 2021 - ) Senior Software Engineer at TomTom Germany GmbH (Jan 2019 - Nov 2021) Full-Stack Engineer & Front-End Architect at NT-ware GmbH / Canon group (Mar 2016 - Jan 2019) Front-End Engineer at NT-ware GmbH / Canon group (Jul 2014 - Mar 2016) Front-End Engineer at MolecularHealth GmbH (Jan 2012 - Aug 2016) Front-End Engineer at Insoft Global SRL / InControl Corp. (Nov 2009 - Jan 2012) Back-End Engineer Developer at EstComputer SRL / Edifecs Inc. (Apr 2009 - Nov 2009) Full-Stack Engineer at DreamCraft SRL (Jul 2008 - Mar 2009) Back-End Senior Developer at OOO BTA Bank (Oct 2006 - Feb 2008) Back-End Developer at OOO Keyintegrity EDUCATION --------- (Sep 2015 - Jun 2017) Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Technologies, ITMO University, Saint Petersburg (Sep 2004 - Jun 2008) Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Vladimir State University, Vladimir EXPERIENCE ---------- * + years of experience in IT domain * Strong programming skills (algorithms, testing and quality, style and documentation) * Designed/developed/maintained 20+ software projects // 13 products on the market * Proudly took part in 9 great teams of professional and passionate software developers ACHIEVEMENTS ------------ * Improved TomTom OpenLR decoding algo reducing time complexity from O(N*logN) to O(N*logK) and space complexity from O(N) to O(1) for N >> 100000 and K < 10, which resulted for some jobs in 60% less memory usage and 50% speed-up time * Speed-up TomTom maps compiler project build time twice (20mins -> 10mins) * Negotiated changes and revolutionized core project technologies for next-generation Canon MFU devices * Arranged in-house tech training events for company software developers, being one of the speakers * Reorganized Front-End, introduced proper modularization and cross-product features re-usability * Upgraded Front-End project framework, bringing product to the next level * Acted in a team lead role and worked together with the rest of the dev team to deliver great software * Developed and maintained a Full-Stack platform successfully re-used for 10+ products * Interviewed 50+ people which reflected in a team expansion with +4 Dev and +8 QA Engineers * Trained and on-boarded new teammates, and provide guidance and mentorship to the entire team * Proposed an idea of a light version of main project (online game) and convinced management to launch it * Implemented a unique ruToken-based WS-Security with a custom Diffie-Hellman key exchange